bev folk festival

Beverley folk festival gets under way!

18 June 2016 | Coastline News, High Farm Country Park

Beverley will be full of life this weekend with the folk festival taking place throughout the weekend. With events at the racecourse as well as throughout the town centre. The festival attracts people and musicians of all ages. There is plenty going on within the festival, there are various locations within the events including various marquees where different acts will be playing as well as a children’s tent, with arts and crafts, music and storytelling. Open air events including a variety of food stalls, dance and live performances. Inside the racecourse, there are a variety of different rooms including, each having their own theme, with a variety of different areas such as open mic sessions as well as stalls.
Get into the festival mood, explore the marquees, and try the real ales and variety of food available!
Throughout the town there are also organised fringe events which fill up the weekend, there is a shuttle bus between the main festival and these fringe events so you can easily access all events.
Check out the line-up for this year here:

If you fancy something a little more theatrical whilst still keeping in with the musical theme how about ‘9 to 5 musical’ on at Beverley Memorial Hall, tickets available on the door. The show is ‘Set in the late 1970’s this hilarious story of friendship and revenge in the Rolodex era is outrageous, thought-provoking, and even a little romantic.’

For more information on other upcoming events in the area please see the following link
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